Georgia | The Hills of the Publix Georgia Marathon

Last fall, I sat down with my laptop and started researching and planning the races that I was wanted to tackle in 2016. I had been wanting to do the Publix Marathon in Atlanta for a few years now and since we had some friends that moved just outside Atlanta earlier in the year, I [...]

Alabama | Mercedes Benz Marathon

This year, I wanted to give Kaela the best possible Valentines Day gift that I could imagine. She was going to have the pleasure of watching me run 26 miles and 385 yards through Birmingham, Alabama. That is every girls dream right? Obviously, I am joking about getting her such a "gift", but that is [...]

Indiana | Flat, Fast, Monumental Marathon

In November, Kaela and I headed to Indiana for my final marathon of 2015. I decided that after all the tough races I had throughout the year, that I wanted to end everything on a good note. The Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis had a reputation of being a fast course due to being a fairly [...]

North Carolina | Hittin’ the Trails of Medoc

Just a few weeks after Maui, I was back at it again. Planning races so close together wasn't the best idea, but after poor showing in Hawaii, I was more than ready to get things back on track. This time however, I was switching it up a little bit. For this marathon, I was getting [...]

Florida | Lets Get Goofy

In the middle of 2014, I started looking into the possibility of heading to Florida for the Disney World Marathon. I am originally from Florida and my parents still both live there. I remember growing up and going to Disney all the time and even to this day I am a huge Disney fan! My [...]

Nevada | Strip at Night in Vegas

On my next marathon adventure, we packed our bags and headed to Las Vegas. This race was the first that I made into a mini vacation with Kaela. Chad and his wife were joining again for the race, making it a fun couples trip. I had battled some injuries during the summer that held up [...]

Pennsylvania | Crossing the bridges in Pittsburgh

It was two years after Flying Pig that I made it to Pennsylvania to run the Dicks Sporting Goods Marathon in Pittsburgh. My buddy Chad and I were looking for a spring race that we would be able to do together, as we had done the Flying Pig together in 2013 and we were training [...]