What do I want w/ Telsah | ep090 Run with Purpose

There are times in our lives that we end up putting on an act to be the person that others expect us to be. Or maybe we hide our feelings and emotions in order to put others first and we don't take care of ourselves. This week I have Telsah on the show and we talk about really asking yourself "what do I want". We talk about how to get out of feeling stuck and being confident to push yourself further when others try to keep you down or hold you back. There are lot of great motivational points throughout the episode and I am so excited to share Telsah's story with you! Connect with Telsah https://www.instagram.com/tels123/ Connect with me on the socials @Flores.Run FB – http://www.facebook.com/Flores.Run Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/Flores.Run Podcast details at http://www.flores.run/runwithpurpose
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