Utah | Antelope Island Marathon

During the summer months, Kaela realized that we might have a two-week span to travel coming up in October. Due to the closure of her office in April, there weren’t many 6 month checkups scheduled which left some gaps in their schedule. We weren’t clear on what would happen but we started to brainstorm what [...]

Nebraska | Monument Marathon

Well 2020 has been an interesting year, hasn’t it? After running in Arkansas, the COVID-19 pandemic escalated quickly causing everything to be flipped upside down. Large events, such as races, weren’t able to go on and I slowly saw my race schedule dwindle down to nothing. Some races just cancelled right away. Others postponed to [...]

Arkansas | Party in Little Rock

Throughout this journey, I have come across some races that I have written down as the “must do” for a state. They may not align with the schedule for that year but I will make them work at some point. This was the case for the Little Rock Marathon. I’m not a sucker for overhyped [...]

Mississippi | The Blues

“Didn’t we already go down to Jackson?” This was Kaela’s response when I told her about the first race I was planning for 2020. If you remember from my Nashville race report, the Mississippi Blues marathon was supposed to be completed in 2017. The only problem was that upwards of a ¼ inch of ice [...]