Virginia | 40th Annual MCM

Just a few days and only two short runs after getting back from North Carolina, Kaela and I were back on the road for my next race. We were headed to Arlington, Virginia, for the 40th annual Marine Corp Marathon. This was the shortest time that I had ever attempted between marathons. I had twice [...]

Kentucky | Derby Marathon

A few months after tackling the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World, Chad and I headed down to Louisville, Kentucky for the Derby marathon. Since it was just a short 4 hour drive from Columbus, we decided to make it a guys weekend. With the race being on Saturday, we took off work on Friday [...]

Florida | Lets Get Goofy

In the middle of 2014, I started looking into the possibility of heading to Florida for the Disney World Marathon. I am originally from Florida and my parents still both live there. I remember growing up and going to Disney all the time and even to this day I am a huge Disney fan! My [...]