North Dakota | Fargo Marathon

Sometimes you just need rest. And sometimes when you don’t listen to your body, it just forces the rest upon you. After the Q50 in Louisiana, my body was ready for a rest and with an inflamed post tib tendon diagnosis I ended up in physical therapy. I spent most of the spring resting and [...]

Utah | Antelope Island Marathon

During the summer months, Kaela realized that we might have a two-week span to travel coming up in October. Due to the closure of her office in April, there weren’t many 6 month checkups scheduled which left some gaps in their schedule. We weren’t clear on what would happen but we started to brainstorm what [...]

Nebraska | Monument Marathon

Well 2020 has been an interesting year, hasn’t it? After running in Arkansas, the COVID-19 pandemic escalated quickly causing everything to be flipped upside down. Large events, such as races, weren’t able to go on and I slowly saw my race schedule dwindle down to nothing. Some races just cancelled right away. Others postponed to [...]

Arkansas | Party in Little Rock

Throughout this journey, I have come across some races that I have written down as the “must do” for a state. They may not align with the schedule for that year but I will make them work at some point. This was the case for the Little Rock Marathon. I’m not a sucker for overhyped [...]

Mississippi | The Blues

“Didn’t we already go down to Jackson?” This was Kaela’s response when I told her about the first race I was planning for 2020. If you remember from my Nashville race report, the Mississippi Blues marathon was supposed to be completed in 2017. The only problem was that upwards of a ¼ inch of ice [...]

Connecticut | Hartford Marathon

Considering I came into this race just a few weeks removed from Morgantown, with only about 26 miles of training, I was surprisingly feeling pretty good. It was time to make our first trip out to the New England states to start chipping away at them. In typical fashion, Kaela and I wanted to make [...]